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School Council

School Council 2021-2022

Our School Council is a democratically, peer elected group of pupils representing each of our classes. The purpose of the School Council is to provide a voice for all of our pupils at St Leonard's. Enabling them to have an active role in matters that effect their lives both in school and the wider community.

School Council meetings are held with Mrs Carney. 

Suggestion boxes are located in each classroom.  Children are encouraged to write down any suggestions that they think will improve school.  The School Council take these ideas to council meetings to discuss if they can be implemented.

This year, our school council has done some really important work. They helped to re-write our Behaviour Policy. This process took several meetings including generating their own ideas, gathering ideas of other children, putting the shortlist to the vote across the whole school and coming up with the final pupil promises. 

Our school council also worked with Mrs Murphy to improve lunchtimes, with ideas for resources and games to play. 

As well as these changes, our school council has helped with fundraising including our very successful Christmas Fair!