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Little Lennie's Nursery 

19th October 2021

This week our theme has been all about fireworks and colours. 
The children have been very creative, making glittering rockets and using paint and pipe cleaners to print brightly coloured firework patterns onto black paper.
The children have enjoyed lots of sensory play this week, investigating coloured kinetic sand and moulding it into different shapes. They have also enjoyed experimenting with soap foam, mixing it with different coloured paint and spreading it around on the tuff spot to create different effects.
The children have enjoyed listening to lots of firework sounds in Phonics, describing them and creating their own sounds with instruments. You might want to try asking your child what noises fireworks make at home. 

13th October 2021

This week our activities have been on the theme of "Goldilocks and the three bears". In our home corner the children have enjoyed pretending to be the three bears, with three bowls, three chairs (small, medium and large) and three beds.

In our messy play corner we introduced a tuff spot with porridge oats and teddy bears. The children have enjoyed filling different sized containers and feeding the bears with spoons.

Today the children who were with us for our afternoon session made porridge and added a choice of jam or honey as a topping. The children were very good at following the rules to stay in their chairs whilst Mrs Fryer heated the porridge on the hob. We all managed to be calm and sensible in the kitchen. The children were very helpful with measuring the oats and stirring them. We waited until our porridge was not too hot, not too cold but just right!

Outside we have an exciting mud kitchen and water play area with lots of pipes and guttering which the children have really enjoyed and made the most of. Next week we look forward to learning all about Bonfire Night and fireworks!


6th October 2021

This week in Little Lennies we have been learning all about the story of Noah's ark. 
The activities this week have mostly been on the theme of animals or rainbows. The children have been doing lots of arts and crafts, including using lots of different colours to paint rainbows and making some beautiful glittery jellyfish with paper plates and ribbons.
The children have also been trying really hard to hold their pens and pencils with enough control to carefully trace patterns and follow dotted lines without wobbling in different directions! Some children enjoyed following the patterns as carefully as they could whereas others wanted to be creative and make up their own! We thought both approaches to the task were fantastic.
We have been having lots of discussions about animals, including naming animals, what we call different baby animals, as well as describing the size, pattern of animals and counting how many legs different animals have. In PE the children tried to mimic different animals in their movements.
Outside we have introduced a sand tray with shells and a water tray with pretty pebbles and sea creatures which the children have really enjoyed.

29th September 2021

We have had lots of fun in Little Lennies this week with activities based on the theme of Harvest and the story of the Little Red Hen. We talked about fairness and how it was fair that the Little Red Hen got to eat all of the bread - because her friends didn't help her! We talked about the importance of being kind and helping each other.
Yesterday Mrs Fryer started to get out some flour and make some bread. She was really delighted that when she asked for some help all of the children volunteered to help at different stages! Some children helped to measure the ingredients. Others helped with stirring and kneading the dough. Some children even helped with the entire process from start to finish! This meant that everyone deserved to have a slice of the lovely warm bread.
We have been talking about food a lot this week, learning each others' favourite foods and where different foods come from. The children have loved playing a shopping board game where the aim is to collect the food on your shopping list in a basket. They are so kind to one another and getting better and better at taking it in turns.
We were treated to a really special visit from Reverend Tracy. She taught the children a song and told them all about her job as a vicar.
Yesterday we went digging for worms. We have added them to a wormery outside so that we can keep an eye on them when we go out to play!
Our new classroom is beautiful and we love it. We have also enjoyed sharing Reception's outdoor area, particularly the kitchen with all the pots and pans. 
The main nursery rhyme we have been learning this week is 'Old Macdonald'. We have enjoyed playing with the farmyard animals.
The children have loved playing with the small world and some of the children have especially enjoyed playing hospitals with the dolls' house people. A few of them have been enjoying having dressing up competitions. 

22nd September 2021

This week in Little Lennies we have been reading a book called 'Not a Stick' by Antoinette Portis. It shows how by using our imagination, a stick can become anything -from a fishing rod to a paint brush. We enjoyed going to the woods to collect sticks and sorted them from longest to shortest. The children are getting very good at using the words "long" and "short". They could tell us which stick is longer or shorter. In our key time we thought of all sorts of ideas about how sticks could be used.

We have also been reading the Creation story this week. The children have been playing with animals from different worlds of land, sea and sky and sorting them into their different homes and habitats.

The children have been keen to get their aprons on and do some painting. Some of them enjoyed using lego bricks to print patterns. Some lovely art work has been produced.

We are very excited to be moving to a lovely new classroom this week. The children have been to look around and are very excited!

What have we been up to this week?

(Week beginning 6th September 2021)

The children have been settling in really well. There have been smiles all round! The children have especially enjoyed picking ripe plums from the trees outside. We have practiced counting them together. They have also been loving their water play, filling up watering cans to water the plants. The boys and girls were excited to race cars down the ramp and see which is the fastest. We have begun to learn a few nursery rhymes too.

We are so excited to welcome lots of you back to Nursery next week! We hope providing a few photos of the setting for you to discuss with your child might just help them get ready and build excitement for their return. 

What a busy time we've had this morning! The children lead us on a large scale painting project, playing and developing in so many areas across the EYFS - their gross motor and cross body skills (so important for boys especially), communication and language, experimenting with colour mixing and creating different effects. Mostly though, we just had the BEST TIME!

We're going on a bear hunt.

We enjoyed looking for the bear in our school woods.

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