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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 page! We will provide weekly updates here as well as learning overviews.

For specific curriculum links, support and advice, please use the curriculum tab and choose the appropriate subject. 

We have one class in Year 6 called Wrens.

Our Year 6 team is Mrs Cronshaw, Mrs Pountain and Mrs Esson. 


Y6 Photos 22-23

26th May 2023

We have had a fabulous week in Wrens class. The children finished our 'Manfish' writing unit with their beautifully illustrated and written biographies of Jacques Cousteau. They drew maps of our local area in geography and in science looked at reversible and irreversible changes. The highlight of the week though was the Year 6 Transition day when we welcomed 5 other schools to join us for a day of making friends, having fun and enjoying all sorts of activities. We were so proud of Wrens - they were welcoming hosts and shone brightly all day. Well done Wrens - it's been a busy half term - have a good rest and we will see you for your final half term in primary school after the break, when we have lots of exciting things to look forward to !

12th May 2023

This week has been an exceptional week in Wrens. The children have faced the KS2 SATs with a positive attitude and demonstrated determination and perseverance. They enjoyed breakfast club and showed off their super Karaoke skills as well as their dancing ! This relaxed start to the day meant that everyone was in a positive and relaxed state of mind to take the tests and we were all extremely proud of their hard work.  We have had a lovely end to the week and have enjoyed a Macdonald's treat from Mrs Lindley as well as PE and a trip to the woods. Well done year 6 - you have shone brightly this week and we could not be more proud of you. Enjoy your weekend. 

5th May 2023

This week Wrens have been working very hard in preparation for their SATs test next week as well as having some fun thinking about songs for our show at the end of the summer term. The children continued their work on materials in Science and our local area in Geography. The children enjoyed learning the national anthem in readiness for the King's coronation and had a super PE lesson with Mr Kirkham. I have been really impressed by their positive attitude to learning and the high expectations that they have for themselves. What a wonderful group of children - I am indeed a very lucky teacher. Have a restful weekend and we will see you at breakfast club next week !

28th April 2023

Wrens have had another busy week and have been working very hard. We continued our work looking at the geography of our local area and compared old and modern maps and photographs of Langho; the children enjoyed spotting the differences over time. In Science, the children considered the different properties of materials and their uses in everyday objects. We were lucky to have two visits this week - on Tuesday we had a visit from the author Brian Beresford who spoke about his book 'The Midnight Grocer' and taught the children a song to go with it. On Thursday, Mr Ghani, one of our parents, kindly came to speak to the children about Eid which they found very interesting. The week was rounded off with another super PE lesson with Mr Kirkham. Well done Wrens - you are all working really hard, and we are so pleased with you all.

21st April 2023

It has been lovely to see Wrens back in school this week for their final term in primary school. This week we began our new writing unit based on the book 'Manfish' all about the life and work of Jacques Cousteau. In science, we considered the three states of matter and in Geography, the children enjoyed looking at maps of Langho as well as having a virtual walk around the area to decide what they liked and would preserve for the future, as well as what they feel is needed to meet the needs of the local community. In RE, the children illustrated a part of the Easter story, using a verse from the Bible as their inspiration. The children have worked really hard all week and I have been very pleased with them - keep it up Wrens!

31st March 2023

The children in Wrens have worked extremely hard this week. We have finished our fascinating history topic on the Mayan Civilisation and enjoyed writing about our rather gruesome bread experiment in science where we managed to grow a spectacular array of micro-organisms. The children enjoyed a quiet and reflective lesson with Mrs Parker as we considered prayer and how we can talk to God - we are really grateful for both Mrs Parker and Reverend Tracy for coming into school for our RE lessons this term.  I have also enjoyed reading the super scary Alma stories that they have written this week. Well done Wrens - have a good rest and I look forward to seeing you all for your final term in Primary school after Easter !

24th March 2023

This week in Wrens started with a real treat: a visit from Bishop Philip. We were really lucky that Bishop Philip took time out of his busy schedule to spend time teaching the children all about the Eucharist. In History, the children learned about Mayan Technology and discussed which aspects were the most important. In science, we are still waiting to see what develops in our bread experiment and so in the meantime, the children learned about micro-organisms and the effects that they can have on us. In English, we have started a short writing unit based on the animation 'Alma' - it has certainly captured the children's imaginations. Some of the children met with parishioners at the Lent lunch and once again represented Year 6 and our school superbly. Well done Wrens - keep working hard ! 

17th March 2023

This week, the children have come to the end of the 'Island' writing unit and have produced some super explanation reports about the Galapagos Islands. In history, the children researched the Mayan creation story as well as creating fact files based on the Mayan Gods. As part of science week, the children set up an interesting investigation involving slices and bread and various surfaces around school, to see what micro-organisms will grow on the bread - we are very excited to see what develops ! In RE, we produced some lovely work on Lent and the children also enjoyed our weekly visit from Mrs Parker who really made the children think about the Bible and all the interesting stories and poems within it. The children have all been working really hard and we are delighted with the progress they are making - well done everyone - another great week !


10th March 2023

This week Wrens have worked really hard in all areas of their learning.  This week in science the children have been learning how to classify plants and researched different plants and their characteristics. In history, children worked hard researching the Mayan city of Chichen Itza and produced some excellent information and illustrations. The children had a most enjoyable confirmation lesson with Mrs Parker when they thought about the Holy Spirit as well as their reaction to the story of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-13.  In our writing lessons this week, the children have been writing about the formation of the Galapagos Islands and trying to include colons in their sentences. Another super week of learning - well done Wrens

3rd March 2023

This week, the children have been working very hard as usual. On Tuesday, the children enjoyed the visit of the author Christina Gabbitas who kindly gave them a copy of her comic strip book to read and take home. They also enjoyed looking at the Mayan artefacts on loan from the Lancashire museum service - we had good fun examining the objects and deciding what they were. We enjoyed another RE lesson from Reverend Tracy which was again most thought provoking. In Science the children learned about classification keys and created their own. We are continuing to enjoy our class novel - ‘Wonder’, and rounded the week off with a super PE lesson. Well done Wrens !

25th February 2023

This week in Wrens, the children have produced some super poems as part of our poetry writing unit in English. In science, the children learned about the different groups of animals, and had a go at classifying animals based on a variety of different characteristics. As part of our RE, we were really lucky to have Reverend Tracy and Janet teaching our lesson which the children really enjoyed - this week we were exploring what God might be like and thinking about the design argument. The children have enjoyed our new class novel 'Wonder' and I have been impressed by their discussions around the text. Well done Wrens - a great start to the half term !

10th February 2023

Our final week of this half term has been full of super learning. The children learned about the differences and similarities in skeletons over time and discussed the theories of evolution in comparison to the story of creation as part of our science lesson. In Geography, the children created their own reports on a renewable energy source of their choice - their work was very impressive indeed. The children created a clay sculpture based on their artwork to show an emotion - they will be bringing them home to show them off! We started to look at poetry in English and the children did a marvellous job of creating a list poem using vocabulary from ‘The Secret Garden’. What a super week and half term – I look forward to continuing our learning adventures after the break. Well done Wrens! 

3rd February 2023

This week has been another week of hard work and fun in Wrens class. We have come to the end of our ‘Selfish Giant’ writing unit and the children have produced some excellent narratives based on the story. The children worked on sustainability in Geography and thought about ways they could save resources. In RE, the children learned more about Jesus as a teacher and produced some super letters explaining about Jesus' work. The children have worked hard in Art and this week have painted their fabulous sketches. They have also enjoyed PE and because they worked so hard completing assessment papers, enjoyed an extra hour of PE this week. Well done Wrens – I am really pleased with you all – keep it up !

27th January 2023

Wrens have enjoyed another great week of learning !  The children wrote excellent newspaper reports in English about the 'Selfish Giant' and in Maths have solved some tricky algebraic fractions. In RE, the children learned about the Beatitudes and explained what they meant to them. In Geography, we considered Marine Protected Areas and researched endangered marine animals. In Art the children created their sketches ready to paint inspired by Picasso's Guernica. In Science the children researched the evolutionists Mary Anning, Charles Darwin and Arthur Wallace. They learned the notes E and F on the flute and the week was rounded off with PE where they enjoyed dancing and games. Well done everyone !

13th January 2023

It has been another great week in Wrens and the children have worked very hard. We have been enthralled by our  new writing unit based on the ‘Selfish Giant’ by Oscar Wilde and the children have produced some super writing. In  Science we considered the adaptations of various animals to their habitats and in RE we were thinking about Jesus  as a teacher. In Art the children sketched emotions on faces and I must say they did an excellent job. The week was  rounded off with dancing and dodgeball in PE. What a super week of learning !.

16th December 2022

This week in Wrens has been busy and filled with festive fun! The children enjoyed making their Christmas stockings for our DT unit of work – they look absolutely fantastic and I have an inkling that they may be filled with a few nice treats for the children to take home. The children worked hard in RE when they researched Christmas around the world and in English, chose a Christmas advert to describe using a range of sentence structures and ambitious vocabulary.  The children were fabulous in our Christingle service where they stood around the church and held their lit candles very carefully for the school while we sang Silent Night. I hope that Wrens have a lovely peaceful Christmas and we look forward to continuing our learning in the new year.

9th December 2022

Wrens have had a lovely week in school and have enjoyed a variety of exciting activities. In Science the children researched how stars are formed and learned about various constellations and in History we learned about 'Operation Overlord' and the strategic events that happened as part of the D-day landings. The children enjoyed their trip to the pantomime (Oh yes they did !) and were impeccably behaved - we were very proud of them once again. Our week has finished with a trip to Blackburn Cathedral where we enjoyed singing carols at the lunchtime carol concert. Well done everyone - a fabulous week !

2nd December 2022

Wren's week began with excitement as the class enjoyed the spectacular Christmas decorations and the singing Santa that had mysteriously materialised over the weekend courtesy of our dedicated class elves. The children were impeccably behaved in church for our Advent service and set a shining example to the rest of the school. They enjoyed finding out about the effects of the World Wars on our local area compared to Manchester and in RE considered the flight to Egypt and the similarities that this story has with refugees that we see today.  We have continued to practise our carols for next week at the cathedral and created some lovely Christmas art. Well done Wrens - another fabulous week !

25th November 2022

What a busy week we have had ! The children have continued to practise carols for our Christmas concerts and are sounding better every day. In History this week, we considered the impact that the war had had on the home front and read the school logbook as well as a local source which gave us some interesting information about how people in York village saved their rations. In Science we learned about the early ideas about the solar system in particular the heliocentric and geocentric models. In RE, we learned about the Magnificat and what that tells us about Mary and the children drew some wonderful images of Mary in their books. The week was rounded off with fencing which the children are all really enjoying. Well done Wrens - you have all done well and kept smiling despite the dreadful weather !

18th November 2022

This week in Wrens the children have been busy once again. In Science, they learned about the Earth's journey around the Sun and the changing seasons. In RE, we continued our investigation into the Christmas story and how the Gospels have influenced our Christmas traditions. The children enjoyed looking at the school log books to find out some fascinating information about the children in this school during the World Wars and discovering the impact that the wars had on our locality. The highlight of the week was the class finding their voices and singing Christmas carols so beautifully in preparation for our Cathedral trip in early December. Well done Wrens - you are all superstars !Enter text...

11th November 2022

This week the highlight of the week was undoubtedly our visit to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester - the children were really well behaved and a credit to themselves and our school. There was a lot to be learned and the children enjoyed learning about the impact of war on ordinary people. In science, the children learned about the rotation of the earth on its axis and how this creates day and night. In history we looked at the impact of the world wars on our local area focusing on the memorial at Elker Lane and the different sources of information that are available. A busy week ended with fencing in PE - what a wonderful opportunity ! Well done Year 6.

4th November 2022

It has been lovely to welcome the children back for the second half of the autumn term.  They have all been ready to learn and eager to get going again ! This week, the children finished their cooking sessions with Mrs Skilling and produced some delicious 'Eton Mess' which I hope they enjoyed at home. We began our new unit of History work which looks at the impact of the world wars as well as our new science unit of work which is all about Earth and space. The children continued their journey playing the flute and were excited to be learning Christmas carols in preparation for our cathedral visit in December. A super week of learning - well done Wrens !

21st October 2022

The half term has ended with Wrens class continuing to work hard in all their lessons. In cooking this week, they made some delicious smelling shortbread - Mrs Skilling said that the children really enjoyed this lesson and demonstrated super baking skills ! We also finished our geography unit of work with an in-depth look at deforestation and the children produced some super reports. In art, the children produced super watercolour versions of their still life project and researched other faith's holy books in RE. The week was rounded off with PE where the children enjoyed their work on invasion games. Well done year 6 - have a super half term and I look forward to continuing our learning adventures after the break. 

14th October 2022

Another busy week for Wrens ! The children began the week creating some lovely bread which smelled delicious. They also considered different passages from the Bible and considered their relation to Christian values. In geography, the children researched deforestation of the rainforest and the implications that this has for the planet. They enjoyed playing their flutes in the middle of the week and in science, learned about friction. The week finished with PE and experimenting with tone and shade using paint in art.  Well done Wrens. 

7th October 2022

This week the children have been very busy. They began the week with investigating water resistance in science and making an Italian pomodoro sauce in their cooking lesson. In geography, the children found about the tribes in the Amazon rainforest and compared their aspects of their own lives to the tribes people. They consolidated their learning of notes during the flute lesson and can now play notes A,B and G. In Spanish the children were writing sentences using place names and in PE we continued with invasion games. Some of Year 6 represented school at the Ribble Valley schools partnership cross country event and we were really proud of them. Well done everyone - another busy week !

30th September 2022

This week the children enjoyed their cooking skills lesson with Mrs Skilling when they made a delicious Greek salad and practiced their cutting and knife skills. We were also visited by Mr Edge from Ribblesdale and the children had a lot of questions to ask about life at high school. In science, we investigated air resistance and the children made some excellent paper aeroplanes which demonstrated great design skills and aerodynamics ! In RE, the children reflected on quotes from the Bible and thought about why the Bible had been written - they also wrote some super reflective Harvest prayers. Well done Wrens - another great week !

23rd September 2022

This week the children have worked hard in all areas of their learning. They have enjoyed learning about the city of Manaus in Brazil and producing some excellent fact files. Flute lessons continued this week, and many of the children are excited to be taking their flutes home - practise makes perfect ! The week finished off with invasion games in PE and very happy children. Well done for another super week!

16th September 2022

This week the children have been continuing their work on South America and have learned about the climate in the Amazon rainforest and the animals which live there. In Science, the children learned about the force of Gravity and carried out various investigations on the rate at which objects fall to the ground. In PSHE at the moment, the children are enjoying cooking with Mrs Skilling and have learned about food hygiene while in music, the children had their first Flute lesson. To round the week off, the children played invasion games in PE and sketched still life in art. What a great week !

9th September 2022

It has been wonderful to welcome Year 6 back into school. Thank you for sending the children looking so smart in their school uniforms. The children have enjoyed beginning their new units of work including learning about the Bible in RE and Forces in Science.  We have all been really impressed by the children's behaviour and approach to learning - it is so lovely to see them setting the example for the rest of school. We are all looking forward to a wonderful year ahead !