Langho and Billington St Leonard's Church of England Primary School

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School Uniform

Our school uniform comprises:

■ White shirt.
■ School tie.
■ Navy blue V neck jumper with logo..
■ Grey trousers or shorts.
■ Navy blue or grey socks.
■ Dark school shoes, not trainers.
■ School coat (optional).
■ Year 6 tie

■ White shirt.
■ School tie.
■ Navy blue V neck jumper or cardigan with logo.

■ School skirt, pinafore or grey trousers.
■ Navy blue, grey or white socks/navy blue, grey or white tights.
■ Blue and white gingham dresses in summer.
■ Dark school shoes, not trainers.
■ School coat (optional).
■ Year 6 tie.

Uniform with the school logo is available from Grays or Whittakers in Blackburn town centre.

PE Kit:
■ Navy or black shorts.
■ Blue school T-shirt.
■ Lightweight, black pumps.
■ Junior children may wear trainers for outdoor games.
    Please note that trainers are not suitable for indoor games and gymnastics.
■ Girls may wear navy PE skirts in games lessons, though these are not appropriate for gymnastics and apparatus work.
■ School tracksuits (optional)

PE kit should be kept in a suitable pump bag..

Please label all items of school uniform to reduce the possibility of them being lost.

Items of jewellery can cause accidents, a great deal of pain to a child and frustration for the teacher. We therefore only allow stud earrings and watches to be worn in school. No jewellery is allowed during any kind of physical activity.

Earrings should not be worn on days when there is swimming, games or P.E. unless the child can remove and replace their own. Before having your child’s ears pierced please consider the problems this may cause in school.

Watches may be worn but each child must remember that he/she is responsible for their own belongings.