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Home Learning for Little Lennie's

Whilst our Little Lennie's Nursery Provision is open, we understand that many of you have chosen to keep your children safe at home with you and therefore may require and appreciate some home-learning opportunities. Here you will find all the info and ideas you need for your child's home-learning activities each week.


If you have any questions or require support at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please remember that learning and development in the Early Years looks very different to other age groups. The richest opportunities at this age are often child-lead, and developed through exciting and interesting play. We understand that the home environment is not a nursery setting (and neither should it be) but here are some ideas about making the most of play situations that will be happening at home. Knowing these, we hope will give you the reassurance that you are providing play and learning time too.

  • GAMES - the possibilities for learning through games are endless. Whether they be literacy or maths based or simply for fun - there is something to be gained from these experiences. Talking, communicating and turn-taking are developing here. Understanding and waiting patiently and managing feeling of happiness of disappointment are all real learning points for children - the more games you can play...the better!
  • TOYS - many toys provoke children's imaginations and allow them to re-enact scenarios and develop their own story ideas. Encourage this kind of play. Watch and observe (or if you are busy - let them get on with it themselves) and then ask them questions about their story and what they are doing. Who are they being? What has/is going to happen?  Toys that involve an element of building are great for planning, designing and making - children evaluate their models - looking to find the right pieces that they need and changing them to make them better. 
  • BAKING - cooking and baking (as long as closely supervised by a responsible adult) is a fantastic way for children to learn. Measuring ingredients, mixing and talking about the changes. Simple science - can you put a cracked egg back together? What did our baking look like before and after it had been in the oven?
  • WALKS - whilst we are allowed our daily exercise, make the most of any outdoor opportunities that come your way. Talk about the world around you, what is in our environment/community? Why do we need shops? Post offices? Railways and roads? What did you see on your travels? Seasonal changes... the list goes on.
  • CRAFT - children often like to cut and stick and make their own creations. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination as well as fine motor skills, all of which will help them be confident, capable writers in the future. 
  • COLOURING -  a brilliant opportunity to sit and have time to relax, talk and be calm together. Put some music on in the background and talk about how the music makes you feel as you colour together.
  • JIGSAWS - Count the pieces of the jigsaw and sort them out - all great maths skills. Do any of the pieces look similar or different? Jigsaws can take some time to complete and your child develops concentration and fine motor skills throughout the experience, and a real sense of achievement afterwards. Once complete, you can discuss what the jigsaw shows, why your child chose it and what they know about the picture they have made.  

Week Commencing 18th January 2021

Week Commencing 11th January 2021

Useful Links

Opportunities for Worship

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Fine Motor Skills Activity Kit - A document from The Specialist Children's Service in Scotland full of brilliant ideas and activities for building fine motor skills - these are essential to build strength and dexterity for confident early writing.


Monday Story Time - Gruff the Grump

Tuesday Story Time - Henry's Holiday 

Wednesday Story Time - When I Grow Up

Thursday Story Time - In My Heart

Friday Story Time - Wake Up Bear

I'm sure the children will all be able to tell you (because I talk about them all the time!) that I have lot of animals. Well this week has been a pretty dramatic one in our household as one morning when I was feeding everyone breakfast, I heard somebody coughing and snuffling....  I just thought the children might like to see, and that talking about Small being poorly with a cough might help some of them verbalise some of their 'big' worries - their friends and family members being poorly and all the little lockdown bits they may be overhearing at the minute.

And also, I miss them and telling them all my animal news! 

Week Commencing 4th January 2021

Printable Resources

You will find below a range of printable resources - please don't think that these are compulsory, but they may be useful.





Useful Links

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