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Owls - Year 4 Class




PE will take place on Mondays.

School PE Kit to be worn.

Spelling Shed

Please see below for the 'Year 4 Spelling Scheme Overview' and the 'Year 3/4 Statutory Spellings List'.


Hosanna! Production

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DT Projects - Desk Tidy


Fun at Christmas

Weekly Class Updates

Week commencing 21/02/22.

Owls Class have enjoyed a range of topics in their learning this week. They showed tremendous teamwork in PE to complete a range of challenges, thought carefully about what a community is in PSHE and in RE focused on the events of Palm Sunday, creating some wonderful acrostic poems! The children have also been doing some super singing in order to learn some new songs ready for the upcoming production. Well done Owls - I hope that you all have restful and enjoyable weekend! 

Week commencing 28/02/22.

Owls Class have had an important and fun-filled week. The children reflected on the importance of Ash Wednesday following on from our service led by Reverend Tracy, focused on Anglo-Saxon Kings in history and looked at what plants need to grow in science. The children also had a wonderful day full of exciting activities to celebrate World Book Day. Good work everyone! 

Week commencing 07/03/22.

Owls Class have been busy once again this week. The children have reflected on the events of Holy Week in RE, focusing on the feelings of others. In PSHE, the children have focused on what diversity is and the importance of diversity in the community. The children also continued to work on their teamwork skills in PE by completing a range of activities in which they needed to work together. Owls Class are continuing to work hard to improve their times tables knowledge - keep up the good work!

Week commencing 14/03/22.

Owls Class have been completing a range of tasks this week. As it has been Science week, the children have been completing some interesting tasks including creating a new invention. In History, they focused on Anglo-Saxon invaders and in PE completed a range of team activities. The children are also continuing to work very hard to improve their times tables knowledge and their knowledge of spellings. Keep up the good work! 

Week commencing 21/03/22.

Owls Class have been working hard this week. It has been a week of focus and concentration as the children have been completing their Spring Term assessments. Not only this, but they have also continued to work hard on their preparation for their upcoming performance next week. The children have also worked well in teams again in PE by building ‘Hula Huts’ and have shown their creative abilities by completing a range of tasks including their competition entries for Langho in Bloom. Well done Owls Class!

Week commencing 28/03/22.

It has been a fun-filled final week of the Spring Term in Owls Class. The children were all superstars during their performances of Hosanna! It was wonderful to see the children able to perform to an audience again after working so hard. The children also enjoyed their 'Hop, Skip and Jump' afternoon challenges including their visit to the woods. Well done on a busy but enjoyable week. Have a lovely Easter everyone! 

Week commencing 18/04/22.

It has been wonderful to welcome back Owls Class back to school for the summer term. I have enjoyed hearing about their Easter adventures. The children have settled back into their routines well and have continued to work hard. They have enjoyed starting their new topics. In RE, the children reflected on the Creation Story and in Geography started to investigate Sicily. Owls Class also enjoyed their first PE lesson back. Keep working hard, Owls! I am looking forward to the rest of the summer term.

Week commencing 25/04/22.

Owls Class have had a productive week this week developing their understanding of their topics. In geography, the children focused on lines of latitude, longitude and the equator. In RE, the children reflected on God's world and the wonderful things in it. The children also developed their understanding of what a healthy lifestyle is in PSHE and have also enjoyed creating their mood boards in art. Well done everyone! 

Week commencing 02/05/22.

Owls have worked hard this week in their lessons. The children learned about volcanoes and Mount Etna in geography and enjoyed their singing lesson with Mr Robinson. The children have also continued to work hard on their spellings and their times tables in preparation for their upcoming Multiplication Check. Continue to be resilient and focused, Owls Class. Good work!

Week commencing 09/05/22.

This week, Owls Class started their new science topic all about States of Matter. The children have focused on identifying the differences between solids, liquids and gases (including particles). The children enjoyed their second session with Mr Robinson and produced some wonderful singing. Owls Class also reflected on the story of Adam and Eve in RE and reflected on why it is important to not be disobedient. They have also continued to practise their times tables and spellings. I am looking forward to another week of learning together.

Week commencing 16/05/22.

Owls Class have had a positive week of learning. They have been super scientists who have been observing and investigating. They have enjoyed weaving in art and have reflected on The 10 Commandments in RE. Furthermore, the children considered what they would choose as their own 10 Commandments to make our world a better place. Well done everyone! 

Maths - Multiplication Focus

1. Times Tables Rockstars

2. MTC

The children in Year 4 complete a Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) as a Key Stage 2 assessment.

The MTC is an online test were the pupils are asked 25 questions on times tables from 2 to 12. For every question they have 6 seconds to answer and in between the questions there is a 3 second rest. 

The children will have regular practice at school but it is important for them to continue with their practice at home.

Please click the image below which will take you to the website to allow the children to practise from home. 


3. Hit the Button

Spelling and Maths Passports

The children will continue to work on their spelling and maths passports in school and at home.  The spelling passports are in addition to the weekly spelling lists.  Please follow the links below to locate the passports:


Spelling Passports:


Maths Passports: