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Kingfishers -Years 3 / 4 Class


Year 3

Year 3


Weekly Class Updates

Week commencing 21/02/22.

We have had a fantastic week in Kingfishers this week! In History, we have started learning all about the Anglo Saxons. The children particularly enjoyed exploring how they lived and learning about their laws and punishments. In PE the children worked together to overcome challenges, showing their wonderful perseverance and teamwork skills. Our super collaborative work continued in PSHE, where we started to learn all about communities and how they are diverse places filled with unique people. The children came to the conclusion that diversity is something to be respected and celebrated. Fabulous work, Kingfishers!  

Week commencing 28/02/22.

We have had another fantastic week in Kingfishers! In History, we have been learning all about the Anglo-Saxons. The children investigated the mystery of Sutton Hoo and they acted as archaeologists, using the evidence discovered to make conclusions. In PE, the children worked together to solve a number of difficult challenges using different pieces of equipment and physical skills. In PSHE, the children continued to learn all about communities, and they recognised that our differences add value to the groups that we are a part of. Well done for another super week, Kingfishers! 

Week commencing 07/03/22.

We have had another fantastic week in Kingfishers. We finished our History topic all about the Anglo-Saxons and the children wrote some incredible letters and diary entries as children living in those times. We also started our new Science topic which focuses on plants. The children created some beautiful drawings and detailed, scientific notes to demonstrate their understanding of the different parts of a plant and their purposes. In PE, the children worked in their teams again to complete numerous physical challenges using their communication and problem-solving skills. We also had a silent debate in RE, where we discussed Good Friday and whether this is a time of 'sadness or joy'; some of their ideas were absolutely phenomenal! Super week again, Kingfishers.  

Week commencing 14/03/22.

We have had a wonderful week in Kingfishers. The children have really enjoyed exploring and investigating lots of new, exciting things as part of Science Week. They had a glimpse into how our brains work when we explored some optical illusions and we thought about how scientists use this knowledge in their jobs. Some of the children discussed this as a future career aspiration! As part of our topic all about plants, the children also planted sunflower seeds to investigate the question, 'do plants need water and light?' We are very excited to observe their growth each day. In RE, we continued to think about whether Easter is a time of sadness or joy, and the children created some beautiful pieces of art to represent this. Another super week, Kingfishers! Well done.

Week commencing 21/03/22.

We have had another wonderful week in Kingfishers! In Science, we investigated whether temperature affects the speed of water transportation in plants. The children placed three flowers in blue food colouring and observed how long it took for the petals to change from white to blue in the different areas (temperatures) of our classroom. We discussed the importance of and conducted fair tests to ensure that our investigation generated accurate results. The children were very excited to observe and record their findings and they wrote some incredible conclusions that included lots of scientific terminology. In PSHE, the children learned about respect and the importance of this within our diverse communities. We had a super discussion and shared some wonderful ideas about what this actually means and how we can show respect for others. Well done, Kingfishers! 

Week commencing 28/03/22.

 We have had an incredible week in Kingfishers. The children have been rehearsing for our Easter performance and have done a wonderful job! In Science, we dissected a flower and then learned about the process of pollination; we even acted it out! In RE, the children have written some beautiful poems about the Easter story. We have had a brilliant end to the half term. Amazing work, Kingfishers! 

Week commencing 18/04/22.

We have had a super start to the summer term in Kingfishers! In Geography, we had a virtual visit to Sicily; we saw a volcano and explored the human and physical features of the area. The children then had some time to independently research their own information about Sicily that they then shared with each other. They also discovered some answers to the questions that they asked about Sicily, at the beginning of our topic. In RE, we learned all about God's creation and we thought about the wonderful world that we live in. The children came up with some incredibly thoughtful ideas as we explored the sights and sounds around us. Brilliant work, Kingfishers!

Times Tables Practice

Here are links to some great online games for improving times tables knowledge and the speed of recall.

Year 3

Hit The Button 

Year 4

At the end of Year 4 pupils have to complete a Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) a key stage 2 assessment.

The MTC is an online test were the pupils are asked 25 questions on times tables 2 to 12. For every question they have 6 seconds to answer and in between the questions there is a 3 second rest. 

The prepare our Year 4's for their MTC we shall have regular practice in class using the Chromebooks. The website, we use for this, is linked below to give children the opportunity to practise at home, as well as in the classroom.

Year 4

Year 4 


Spelling and Maths Passports

Your child will continue to work on their spelling and maths passports in school and at home.  The spelling passports are in addition to the weekly spelling lists.  The passports can be viewed on our school website.


Spelling Passports:


Maths Passports:


Hosanna! Production

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Week commencing 25/04/22.

We have had another fantastic week in Kingfishers! In Geography, the children learned all about climate zones, focusing specifically on Italy and the UK. We had lots of fun learning about the invisible latitude and longitude lines on Earth and how these determine the climate of a place. The children thoroughly enjoyed our virtual visits to different climate zones around the world. In RE, we learned about the creation of the world and how Christians believe that we are here to be God's 'stewards'. The children discussed some different opinions about how we should treat the world and all living things, thinking about our roles and responsibilities. They then came up with some incredibly thoughtful ways that they can achieve this. Super work, Kingfishers! 

Week commencing 02/05/22.

We have had another super week in Kingfishers. The children started the week by having another virtual school trip abroad; this time we visited Palermo in Sicily! The children explored how the land is used in the city and discussed the benefits of the human and physical features there. The children also learned how to use grid references to locate different places on a map. We practiced our skills by uncovering a hidden image. In RE, we revisited the creation story and considered different opinions about whether or not we believe Adam and Eve sinned. We thought about times when we may have made poor choices ourselves and discussed what we can do to make more positive, thoughtful decisions in our day-to-day lives. In DT, the children were very excited to tie-dye their t-shirts. We explored different techniques and how we can create various patterns and the children then planned and designed their finished products. We can't wait to see how our t-shirts turned out next week! Brilliant work, Kingfishers. 

Week commencing 09/05/22.

We have had an incredible week in Kingfishers. We started the week by conducting lots of exciting science experiments for our new topic, 'States of Matter'. We began by investigating the question, 'does gas have weight?' The children made some fantastic predictions, conducted fair tests and discovered some exciting results. We had so much fun and were amazed by what we found! This week, we have also had the chance to look at our tie-dye t-shirts from our DT lesson on Friday. We enjoyed looking at the different colour combinations and thinking about how we could improve or change our results if we did it again. In RE, the children continued their learning all about the creation story. We asked Adam and Eve lots of questions to find out why they were tempted to disobey God's wishes and we thought about what we may do if we were in a similar situation. Super work, Kingfishers!  

Week commencing 16/05/22.

We have had another brilliant week in Kingfishers. We have enjoyed conducting some more experiments in Science as part of our 'States of Matter' topic. We investigated whether temperature affects the rate of evaporation, and we also explored the melting point of chocolate. The children ensured that they conducted fair tests and they wrote some incredible conclusions about their learning including lots of fantastic, scientific terminology. In RE, we continued to learn about the creation story and the importance of the ten commandments. We also thought about and discussed the value of saying sorry if we make the wrong choices and the positive outcome that this can have on ourselves and those around us. In DT, the children continued to weave with other materials, focusing on their creativity and experimentation with different patterns and designs. Well done for another super week, Kingfishers!