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Falcons - Year 2 Class


Weekly Class Updates

Week commencing 21/02/22.

What a super start back after half term. We have enjoyed starting out new unit in PE, developing our overarm throw. We moved around various stations where we could practice our throwing, catching and hand-eye coordination - making sure we had the correct posture and movement. We have also started our new Science learning of animals, using our pre-existing knowledge about animals to decide how best to group them then learning a very catchy BRAMF song! Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Mammals and Fish....BRAMF. I'm sure our families at home will have this stuck in their head too!

Week commencing 28/02/22.

What a busy week we have had! Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying their forest school sessions after school, making the most of the wet weather this week by chasing pooh sticks down the stream, making mud slides and building dens. We are enjoying our character description focus in English and I am very impressed with the range of vocabulary the children have been using . We also created our own book characters on World Book Day, sharing our imaginative stories with each other and then got creative with our hands, modelling characters out of clay! A super week of learning and fun! 


Week commencing 07/03/22.

What a busy week! We have thoroughly enjoyed our English learning on character description, using our new grammar skills to write our own description of the giant in Jack and the beanstalk. In our science learning, we became researchers as we used different sources to find out about how different groups of animals survive. This learning will also come in handy for science week next week! We used our underarm throwing technique in PE to play a - very competitive - game of overarm rounders. The skills and sportsmanship seen were brilliant. Another super week, keep flying high Falcons. 

Week commencing 14/03/22.

"Science is the best thing ever." This quote sums up science week in Falcons as we enjoyed a trip out to 'Imagine that!' in Liverpool, getting stuck into various science experiments and enquiries. We continued this science learning in class with our animals unit, learning all about animal offspring and the career of a zookeeper! Seeing this love for science is infectious and I'm sure we have some budding scientists - or zookeepers - among us in Falcons! Another super week. 

Week commencing 21/03/22.

Another busy week in Falcons! This week in art, we used our new knowledge of Paul Klee and drawing skills to create a shape castle using oil pastels. They look fabulous! We also made the most of the sunshine in PE using our tactic skills during a game of treasure chest where teams went head to head in a final. In RE, we were very lucky to take a visit to church to listen to Reverend Tracy talk about the meaning of Easter and take part in some thoughtful discussion and conversation. 

Week commencing 28/03/22.

A definite highlight of this week was our Easter egg hunt in the woods - even with snow and hailstone! We also loved wearing our bunny ears to complete our hop, skip and jump raising money for great causes. We have had a very busy half term and I think we have all earned a rest! Have a lovely Easter and I can't wait for us to continue our learning in Falcons after the holidays. 

Week commencing 18/04/22.

What a fabulous start to our Summer term. We were all raring to go and ready to learn after our Easter holidays this week and started off our new science learning 'growing things'. We enjoyed talking about our own experiences of growing with our families. We discussed what's the same and what's different about bulbs and seeds, started our investigation growing a broad bean and finally we enjoyed planting our own vegetables and flowers in the sunshine. We can't wait to see the progression and growth of our plants overtime!...

Week commencing 25/04/22.

What a busy week in Falcons! We are enjoying learning about fruit and vegetables in both our DT and Science learning. We learnt how to tell the difference between a fruit and vegetable comparing seeds and taste then created some beautiful artwork of fruit labelling the different parts. We are also loving our geography learning about Kenya this week, looking at physical features such as The Tana River and The Rift Valley. The enthusiasm for learning in Falcons is just infectious!

Week commencing 02/05/22.

After our restful bank holiday weekend, Falcons came back raring to learn. We have enjoyed our learning in maths on fractions recently and tested our brains with tricky problem solving. We have been watching our plants grow in science, seeing roots and shoots appear and observing the changes over time. This week, we made predictions during a cress investigation and even got chance to plant some beautiful wild flower seeds! We are looking forward to seeing the colourful petals appear in the next coming weeks.

Week commencing 09/05/22.

This week, we have been getting creative with our writing. Not only have we completed our animal narrative based on a clip of 'The Land Before Time' but we have also written a character description of the Giraffe, Pelly or Monkey from Roald Dahl's novel. In Roald Dahl's novel, The Grubber was an old sweet shop in need of new products so, we designed, created and wrote a description of the sweets we would love to see in the shop. The Sour Power, The Ultimate Brain Twisler and The Toffee Sherbet were among the weird and wonderful creations! Another super week in Falcons.

Week commencing 16/05/22.

Falcons have worked incredibly hard this week on their SATs, we are very proud of all year 2. This week, we have learnt all about seed dispersal in Science, we have learnt about Pentecost in RE and we are continuing to enjoy learning about Kenya. This week, we have been comparing the life of children in Nairobi and our own life. Another super week, we can't wait for the jubilee celebrations next week.