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Doves - Year 1 Class 


Welcome to Doves class.

Our teacher is Miss Dutton. 

Weekly Class Updates

Week commencing 21/02/22.

This week in Doves we enjoyed our forest school activities in the hall, the children loved this immersive experience and were glad these activities could be adapted given how shocking the weather has been! On Tuesday it was World Thinking Day which gave us an opportunity to reflect on our pupil promises. I have also been delighted to reward children with the new pupil promise stickers as well as handing out star cards. Well done Doves for another great week! 

Week commencing 28/02/22.

What a week Doves have had! Every day has been jam packed with excitement and activities. All children thoroughly enjoyed their experience in the woodland area, I'm sure they won't forget it any time soon! Thank you for all making the effort to dress up for World Book Day, we have to thank you for taking the time to organise outfits which isn't always easy. The children loved all the World Book Day activities and sharing their love of literature. Well done Doves once again!

Week commencing 07/03/22.

This week Doves enjoyed another fun filled visit to the woodland area which they all look forward to every Monday. All the children explained how much they enjoyed their time in the woods and what they learnt. In History we loved learning about castles and all their unique features, we discussed each part of the castle and why they were structured in a particular way. Lots of us wanted our own castle by the end of the lesson! We have also earnt a lot of class points this week for lovely behaviour and organisation, we are getting closer to our movie afternoon! Well done Doves.

Week commencing 14/03/22.

What a fun packed week we've had! Our visit to Imagine That was the best school trip I've been on, the children had a wonderful time and behaved beautifully. All the children had the opportunity to make their own slime, paint their own magnet and create their own snow. This was a brilliant opportunity to explore art, science and role play in an immersive environment. If that wasn't enough excitement all the children had a fantastic time in the woodlands area again. Thank you for a lovely week Doves!

Week commencing 21/03/22.

This week we have been making and decorating crosses to represent the cross Jesus died on. We discussed how Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins and what the cross symbolises for Christians. In science we have been studying animals and putting them in groups of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish. We have also been discussing what different animals need to survive. In church on Thursday we met with Reverend Tracey to discuss Christian symbols and what they represent, the children loved talking about these representations and their thoughts on them.

Week commencing 28/03/22.

What a week it has been! Thank you so much everyone for donating to the hop, skip and jump challenge, our Doves loved this task. It was slightly unfortunate the weather did a u-turn and decided to snow but we still had a lot of fun and loved wearing our bunny ears. Our children have worked very hard this term, my wish is for them to have a restful break and enjoy the Easter break. Well done Doves see you soon!

Week commencing 18/04/22.

Welcome back my lovely Doves! We have had a wonderful week back, we have been thinking about how we can be wellbeing warriors and for our home learning this week we are using our wellbeing knowledge to spread kindness to everyone in our lives. In PSHE we have been thinking about how we feel when we are safe and how we can always make sure safety is a priority in school. We also filled our 100 square with our wonderful class behaviour and had our movie afternoon. Well done as always! 

Week commencing 25/04/22.

This week Doves have been learning about seeds, beans, bulbs, vegetables and fruits. We planted seeds and beans in Science and differentiated between vegetables and fruits. We have been writing facts about Kenya, the Tana River and Mount Kenya. We also read "Lost and Found" a wonderful book about friendship and loneliness. Well done Doves!

Week commencing 02/05/22.

I hope all of you had a wonderful bank holiday. This week in RE we have been thinking about Heaven and what it may be like. We have some fantastic drawings of our imaginings rom our Doves. We have also been keeping a plant diary of the seed and beans we planted last week and we have noticed how germination has begun! We have also been investigating and labelling fruit and vegetables in DT. Well done for a wonderful week Doves.

Week commencing 09/05/22.

I want to say a big WELL DONE to Doves this week as we have produced some fantastic learning. We finished our new versions of Lost and Found and published our new stories beautifully. We also learned about the Maasai Tribe in Kenya, how they live, what they wear and what they eat in geography. We have produced some wonderful fact files on the Maasai Tribe. In Science we learnt the life cycle of a seed/bean and have been able to draw and describe the life cycle. Well done again Doves!